Side Projects

This page is a showcase of various non-professional projects that I have worked on.


My View

An Apple TV app that streams high-quality photograph’s from Unsplash in the form of a slideshow.

Lightweight JSON Parser

A .NET JSON parser that has no external dependencies and is JSON-standard compliant.


Argon Music Player

A terminal music player for Unix-based systems.

3D User Interface

A simple dynamic user interface with a set of menu items and corresponding detail panels, with support for text information and 3D models. See related blog post here.

Colour-to-Space Image Processor

A technical/visual experiment to map the RGB values of each pixel in a provided image to a corresponding XYZ coordinate in 3D-space. See related blog post here.

Game Jams

Grim Waves

GGJ 2017: Help Charon ferry the souls of the dead down the rivers of Hades! Guide him along his journey, collecting souls along the way and avoiding obstacles.

  • Worked on:
    physics, input and handling, animation triggering, scoring systems.
  • Remarks:
    although handling was a bit clunky and there was no game loop at the end of the level, we were quite happy with the final game!

Sun Eater

GGJ 2017: Collect the suns and avoid the obstacles in typical infinite runner fashion. This was a secondary project that I worked on alongside Grim Waves, as their team consisted of only two artists with no programming experience. I handed the project over to another programmer due to time constraints near the end of the jam.

  • Worked on:
    scrolling, input, obstacle spawning, scoring.
  • Remarks:
    I would have liked to have spent more time working on it as I liked the art style and think it had potential, but it being a secondary project at the jam severely limited my time.

City of Blood

GGJ 2016: The world’s only unofficial Aztec sacrifice simulator! You need to sacrifice members of your populous in order to appease the gods and avoid their wrath, all the while maintaining the overall happiness of your citizens. Different gods have different blessings and curses, and your city can be expanded by purchasing new buildings which affect resource flow.

  • Worked on:
    core architecture and game logic.
  • Remarks:
    scope creep was a big mistake, should have dedicated more time to balancing as the game was unplayable. Arg, spreadsheets!