ARKit: A Planetary Experiment

With the release of Apple's ARKit a little while ago, I thought it would be an interesting chance to compare how Apple's new tech stands up to the likes of other augmented reality solutions out there. Most popular solutions are oriented around target recognition where ARKit is more about spatial-awareness, but never-the-less there are comparisons… Continue reading ARKit: A Planetary Experiment

Game Development, Mortuus Est

A Basic Level Editor

In an effort to speed up the development time of our little game, I fleshed-out the bare bones level editor into something a little more powerful and user friendly. Before, objects were spawned in front of the player using the 0-9 number keys, numpad keys controlled object manipulation, and '/' was used to select existing objects… Continue reading A Basic Level Editor

Game Development, Mortuus Est

The Code Behind Mortuus Est

Mortuus Est (subtitle pending) is growing at a rapid pace. With over 70 classes, 18,000 lines of code, and countless hours of toil, it's really starting to stack up. The base library is libgdx - a powerful, feature-filled LWJGL-based library that supports iOS, Android, and Desktop deployment, and is Java based. It adopts OpenGL as… Continue reading The Code Behind Mortuus Est

Game Development, Mortuus Est

Mortuus Est: The Beginnings of a Top-Down Shooter

I only recently got into the whole game-jam phenomenon. To be perfectly honest, I had never even heard of it until about a year ago when I stumbled across Ludum Dare and its wonderful creations. By then, I had been dabbling in game development by my lonesome (on and off for some years), and LD… Continue reading Mortuus Est: The Beginnings of a Top-Down Shooter