About Me

Hello, world! (as the cliché goes).

My name is Kevin Lloyd Baynham. I am a BSc Computing graduate out of the University of South Africa. Computing is an umbrella degree that covers aspects of both Computer Science and Information Technology subjects.

By day I am a game and application developer, currently working for Fuzzy Logic in the quaint coastal town of George, South Africa, where we specialise in mobile augmented reality software.

Although I enjoy app development, game development is my primary passion. Besides the myriad of interesting technologies and complex technicalities that accompany this field, the artistic aspect of games fascinates me and fuels my creative side.

In my free time, I love to experiment and fettle with various side projects, and I am always keen to expand my knowledge base and venture into unknown territory. It’s a great way to play with poorly formed ideas and unconventional designs, which is great for organic creativity.

I am also an avid gamer, but computers are not my only interest; I have a large number of hobbies that include photography (see my horrendously out-of-date Flickr account), guitar, art, writing, adventuring, and playing with anything that is petrol-powered.